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The Most Talked About EPL Fanbases According to Google UK

Being a Premier League football fan means carrying certain common likes and dislikes with you and it also means accepting that people, especially other football fans, will sometimes look at you differently because of the team you support. Live Football Tickets used Google UK data to rank the top five most popular fanbases according to average UK monthly search volumes. Here’s what the final table looks like:

Having found the top five fanbases in the Premier League, we also looked at Google question suggestions relating to each team. Some of the questions Brits are most curious about include:
We didn’t stop here though. A survey of 2,136 Premier League fans was also conducted, during which respondents were asked to answer six questions about each of the top five fanbases. We were thus able to paint an accurate picture of the most ‘judged’ fanbases in the league. The results were as follows:

According to our survey, Chelsea fans drink the most but are also the quietest. With so much booze being consumed by Chelsea fans, you’d perhaps expect Stamford Bridge to be a bit louder and livelier.

Manchester United fans just narrowly edge those of Liverpool to the title of most violent in the EPL.

There seems to be no debate when it comes to the poshest fans in the league; Chelsea win here again, with Tottenham in a close second and all other teams far off the top two.

42% of respondents felt Liverpool fans were the most arrogant. Manchester United fans weren’t far behind, according to 37% of survey participants.

Manchester United did win in another category, but it’s one they won’t be too happy about! Football fans overwhelmingly voted United fans as “most deluded” – over half (56%).

Next time you decide to buy football tickets, Old Trafford or Anfield will be prime destinations if you want high noise levels! If you’re just going to the game for a pint though, Stamford Bridge is the stadium for you!