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You VS. A Football Manager: How Does Your Salary Match Up?

Football managers are known for their sky-high salaries, and each year they seem to be earning higher and higher wages. Why? No one’s really sure to be honest, all they do is shout at a bunch of men who are running around a pitch kicking a ball, but the industry is worth a LOT so I guess they should get paid a lot to match? Not convinced. They don’t even get paid as much as those guys running around the pitch, and sorry, but I would be pissed.

Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, and Marcello Lippi are, understandably, the clear winners when it comes to how much each of these managers earn – but just how much are they earning? And how much would it take a normal person, on a normal salary, to earn what they make in a year? Well, here at Live Football Tickets we asked the exact same question – we want to know everything about the teams and people we support and promote, so why should their salaries be any different? For instance, did you know that José Mourinho earns £15million every year? That’s £1,712.33 AN HOUR. In comparison, Gareth Southgate’s £3 million a year is pennies.

To work it out, we came up with a handy little calculator, which works out how much various different managers earn per year, month, week, day, and hour, and then how your salary matches up to it. So, say you earn the average UK salary (£27,600), it would take you 543 years and 6 months to earn Mourinho’s annual salary. Even the lowest paid manager, Eddie Howe, earns £500,00 a year, which would take you 18 years and 1 month to earn – and that’s before tax, and before expenses and general cost of life.

Want to see how your salary checks out? Go and have a play with the calculator here: ttps://www.livefootballtickets.com/football-manager-salary/