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Football season null and void

These are the teams who stand to lose out the most if the football season is declared null and void

The final whistle was blown on the 2020 English football season on 14th March 2020.

The season is now postponed to protect our safety during the Covid-19 outbreak, but questions still remain as to what will happen to the football season and the points gained so far as the UK lockdown continues.

As concerns rise as to whether the season may be declared null and void, Live Football Tickets have analysed which teams stand to lose out the most if the season is cancelled entirely - from Liverpool who had all but sealed the Premier League trophy down to Barrow who looked dead set to make their return to the Football League after 48 years.

We analysed what key goals teams from the Premier League down to the National League, and those remaining in the FA Cup, had been aiming for; how close they were to achieving those targets, and how long it has been since they were last in that position, to reveal the teams who stand to miss out the most if the season is declared null and void.

1. Liverpool - Win Premier League - 30 Years

It wouldn’t be an uncommon opinion that Liverpool are the team that stand to lose out the most if the football season is declared null and void. Fans of Liverpool were counting down the days to see their team lift the top flight trophy for the first time in 30 years - a fate which by March already seemed set in stone. With a current 25 point lead it is nigh on impossible that the season was going to go any way other than in Liverpool’s favour, and even a Manchester City fan would struggle to argue that Liverpool don’t deserve to be lifting the trophy this year, whatever happens.

2. Leeds United - Promotion to Premier League - 16 Years

Over in the Championship, Leeds United looked set to return to the Premier League after 16 years. Currently topping the Championship table, with their position within the top 2 looking safely secure, Leeds fans have been preparing once again for the team to make their return to top-flight football. The chances of missing out on their long-awaited return again this year would sting all the harder, having narrowly missed out on promotion last season.

3. Brentford - Promotion to Premier League - 73 Years

Hoping for an even longer awaited return is Brentford, who are currently sitting in 4th place in the Championship and have been looking forward to heading back to the top flight after a hefty 73 years. With 60 points to their name currently, the London team were definitely on track for the play-offs and were a strong contender for taking the third promotion spot. The team last made the Championship play-offs 5 years ago, but with much more Championship experience this time around, their fans were hoping for a more successful outcome.

4. Sheffield United - Qualify for Europe - First Time Ever

Having made their long-awaited return to the Premier League this season, Sheffield United have been taking everyone by surprise - including even their own fans. Currently ahead of Premier League mainstays including Arsenal and Everton, the team have had their sights set on Europe for the last few months. At 7th in the league table there was every chance they were going to make it, which would have been the first time in history that the South Yorkshire team had qualified for Europe. If the season is declared null and void, they may never get that chance again. The team also had their sight set on the FA Cup trophy having made it through to the quarter finals, with a fighting chance of taking the win.

5. Fleetwood Town - Promotion to Championship - First Time Ever

Another team who looked set to achieve what may well be a once in a lifetime feat is Fleetwood Town, who were in strong position for being promoted to the Championship for the first time ever. Having fought their way to 5th in League One, the team were feeling hopeful about their chances of stepping up to the Championship for the first time in their history having been a non-league team as recently as 2012. If the season is declared null and void, Fleetwood fans are sure to be devastated.

6. Barrow - Promotion to Football League - 48 Years

It’s not only the professional leagues who stand to lose out if the season is declared null and void. Currently sitting at the top of the National League is Barrow, whose strong performance this season has seen them set to return to the Football League for the first time in 48 years. After being voted out of the Football League in 1972 despite not even finishing bottom, Barrow looked set to right the injustice by earning their place back. It would definitely be a kick in the teeth for the team, who’ve pulled out all the stops this season, to have that opportunity taken away.

7. Harrogate Town - Promotion to Football League - First Time Ever

Also fighting fit in the National League is Harrogate Town, who have been looking forward to promotion to the Football League for the first time ever. In a strong second place currently, the team certainly look capable of promotion - either automatically or via the playoffs. For the non-league team a promotion to League Two for the first time in their history would have been a dream come true, but if the season is declared null and void it may just remain a dream.

8. Leicester City - Win FA Cup - First Time Ever

With the FA Cup quarter-finals due to be played on 21st and 22nd March, it was all to play for, for the 8 remaining teams. While each remaining team is sure to be concerned about the postponed cup, the situation will hit hardest for Leicester City fans. Tipped as one of the stronger contenders for lifting the trophy, and with a home draw in the next round, a triumph would have been the first in their history, and an incredible sequel to their 2016 Premier League win.

Who knows what decision will be made on how to proceed with this year’s football season, it’s certainly not an easy task for those making the final call. One thing we are sure of though is that the players and fans of each of these 8 teams will be hoping their successes so far this season don’t get scrapped entirely.